Institute Administration

Administration of the Institute
The Institute is managed by a Governing Body headed by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Manipur University. The structure of the Governing Body is as below:

i.    Vice-Chancellor, Manipur University (ex-officio)          - Chairman
ii.   Registrar, Manipur University (ex-officio)                     - Member
iii.  One Member nominated by the Chief Rector               - Member
iv.  Finance Officer, Manipur University (ex-officio)            - Member
v.   Two Members of the Executive Council nominated       - Member
      by the Executive Council, Manipur University
vi.  Dean School of Engineering                                        - Member
vii. One member not connected with the University          - Member
      nominated by the Executive Council
viii.One Professor or Reader of the Institute by rotation    - Member
      according to seniority for a period of one year
ix. One Reader or Lecturer of the Institute by rotation      - Member
     according to seniority for a period of one year
x.  One nominee of the AICTE                                         - Member
xi. Principal of the Institute (ex-officio)                            - Member Secretary


Name & Professional Background of BoG/GB members of Manipur Institute of Technology

S.No.    Name & Professional Background    
1.    Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey, Vice-Chancellor, Manipur University    -    Chairman
2.    Mr. Th. Chittaranjan Singh, IAS, Secy. to Governor of Manipur    -    Member
3.    Prof. N. Rajmuhon Singh, Dean, School of Mathematical &     -    Member
    Physical Sciences, Manipur University    
4.    Prof. N. Mohilal Meitei, Dean of Students’ Welfare, Manipur    -    Member
University (EC Nominee of Manipur University)
5.    Prof. M. Shyamkesho Singh, Registrar, Manipur University     -    Member
6.    Mr. K. Jibankumar Singh, Finance Officer, Manipur University    -    Member
7.    Dr. Sarungbam Birendra Singh, Director NIT, Manipur    -    Member
    (AICTE Nominee)
8.    One member not connected with the University (to be nominated)    -     Member
9.    One EC Member of Manipur University (to be nominated)    -     Member
10.    Dr. Th. Suresh Singh, Associate Prof., MIT, Imphal    -    Member
11.    Dr. Y. Arunkumar Singh, Asst. Prof., MIT, Imphal    -    Member
12.    Prof. R.K. Hemakumar Singh, Principal, MIT, Imphal    -    Member Secy.

Proceedings of the BoG/GB meetings of MIT :

Proceedings of 5th GB meeting held on 08-05-2013
Proceedings of Special GB meeting held on 06-09-2014
Proceedings of 6th GB meeting held on 25-06-2015
Proceedings of 7th GB meeting held on 07-12-2015
Proceedings of 8th GB meeting held on 16-02-2016
Proceedings of 9th GB meeting held on 22-03-2016
Proceedings of 10th GB meeting held on 15-07-2016
Proceedings of 11th GB meeting held on 02-12-2016
Proceedings of Emergency GB meeting held on 28-01-2017