Essential Information

Faculty Development Program

The Institute is actively involved in upgradation of its human resources by deputing faculty and staff members for higher studies and to attend Staff Development Programme in different fields at NITTTR, Kolkata, Manipur University, Imphal ,and other reputed Institutes. Faculty and staff members are also encouraged to pursue higher studies in order to improve the quality of Education.

The Faculty members and students of this Institute are actively involved in many Research Works and Consultancy works. Many research papers are published in the highly rated National & International Journals.

Some of the major publications are:-

International Journals:
1.    International Journal of Pavement Engineering, Taylor and Francis Publications.
2.    International Journal of Road Materials and Pavement Design, Taylor and Francis Publications.
3.    Geosciences Journal, South Korea
4.    Engineering Optimization, U.K.
5.    ASCE Journal of Hydrology Engineering, USA
6.    International Journal of Geotechnical, Maney Publication
7.    International Journal of Earth Science & Engineering, Geo-Ref Information Services, USA
8.    International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, ESRSA Publication
9.    Journal of Civil Engineering & Management, Taylor & Francis Publications
10.    Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, NRC Press
11.    Arabian Journal for Science & Engineering, SPRINGER Publication
12.    Wulfenia Journal, Austria
13.    Journal of Engineering Science & Technology Review
14.    IEEE Transaction of Nano Technology
15.    Journal of Computational Electronics, SPRINGER
16.    Optical & Quantum Electronics, SPRINGER
17.    Solid State Electronics, ELSEVIER
18.    Journal of Computational & Theoretical Nano Science
19.    Micro Electronics Reliability, ELSEVIER
20.    Journal of Nano-Electronics & Opto-Electronics
21.    Physica B Condensed Matter, ELSEVIER
22.    Expert System with Application, ELSEVIER
23.    International Journal of Electronics, Taylor & Francis
24.    International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, Korea
25.    International Journal on Natural Language Computing
National Journals:
1.    Indian Highways, Indian Road Congress, New Delhi
2.    Journal of Indian Geotechnical Society, SPRINGER
3.    Journal of Earth System Science, Indian Academy of Science